What is a Brand?

Hint: It’s not your logo.

Most agencies will try and ‘wow’ you with a portfolio of pretty designs and maybe ‘case studies’ etc. That’s all great… But is that really what you want to see? How does that reflect YOUR business?

The secret they won’t tell you? Your brand is not what you (or some agency) say it is – It’s what your customers say it is.


Does your business even need a Brand?

In short, if you’re trying to stand out as a consultant, coach or ‘influencer’ (is it just me that hates that word?) or if you sell a product or service then; YES.

Who am I?

(and why should you listen to me?)
Great Question, my name is Chris James. I’ve been working in design and branding since things were done by hand on drawing boards and in darkrooms.

That’s where my unique skill set comes in… I’ll show you what to do to get YOUR SPECIFIC goals reached. No fluff. No filler. No techy speak (unless you want me to) in order to get you the result you seek!

If you want to lose the overwhelm, cut through the cr*p and build an effective brand use the form below…

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With just a few answers to some simple questions, application of a few principles (that work), and willingness to follow a few simple guidelines, we’ll take you from trying to generically sell yourself or your products and services just like everyone else to a Brand that will leave your competitors wondering how…

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    *As my approach is hands-on I am limited to the amount of clients I work with at any time. I can’t and won’t pretend I will work with just anyone.

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