If you could build your brand without hiring an expensive ‘Branding agency’, what would that mean for your business?

Forget everything they’ve told you about branding, it is totally possible to do it yourself and you don’t need a marketing degree (or a massive budget) to do it.


It’s OK, most solopreneurs and small(er) businesses get stuck on this stuff and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the information (and misinformation) out there on what to do or not to do, especially when you’re on your own or starting out.

It doesn’t have to be that way… With just a few answers to some simple questions, application of a few principles (that work), and willingness to follow a few simple guidelines, you can move on from trying to generically sell your products and services (just like everyone else) to build a brand that will leave your competitors wondering how you do it…

Why You?

MindTattoos was created for you if:

  • You want the freedom to work for yourself
  • You want to take the guesswork out of building your business
  • You consider yourself a bit of a maverick ‘solopreneur’
  • You are hungry to get sh*t done
  • You know what you want but don’t (currently) know how to get it
  • You’d rather spend your money on cool stuff (not an agency)
  • You have the guts to follow your own path

Who am I?

Great question, my name is Chris James. I’ve worked in branding and design since things were done by hand on drawing boards and in darkrooms.

I give branding advice that doesn’t suck so you will save a lot of time (and cash) trying to figure this stuff out for yourself.

I’m a multidisciplinary expert focused on creative Brand development and Brand management with all the knowledge and skills you need access to for brand building success.

I won’t waste your time or blind you with the latest buzz-words and tech-speak – All I will give you is the information and action steps you need to reach YOUR goals.

No fluff. No filler. No techy speak (unless you want that). (Read the long version)

So, do you want to stop thinking small and ready to go BIG? Cool – Use the form below.

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